About Us

Founded in 1978, our company has evolved into a well-reputed UK manufacturer of Baby and Childrenswear. Based in Coventry, we operate from customised manufacturing premises of some 8500 feet. Using the latest computerised production control systems, the company is able to produce 40,000 garments per week whilst maintaining excellent levels of quality and efficiency. Our specialised staff have ample experience in the production of our garments, and we are constantly investing in the development of their skills to ensure they maintain our position at the forefront of the market. Our employees are working towards the NVQ Level 2 in Manufacturing Sewn Products. We supply to multiple retailers in the U.K and abroad, promotional companies and independent boutiques. We can offer a range of styles, prints, motifs and packaging, to cater for all your requirements

We are continually revising our product range to cater for a variety of market and customer needs. We are confident that our products and service will be able to meet even the most stringent of specifications, and pride ourselves on the following policies that are adopted by the company:

All of our products are British made and are produced on site at our factory in Coventry. We ensure consistency and excellence of quality by producing each and every garment on site - the use of outworkers conflicts with company policy.

Premises and equipment are modern, with emphasis being placed on utilising new technology to improve efficiency and productivity.

Reputable screen printers are used for all our design and printing requirements. Customised motifs and prints are available to meet your product specification.

Only high quality combed Egyptian yarn is used for the production of our cotton interlock products

Fabric testing and reports are obtained via Intertek Testing Services Ltd.

We have access to design facilities including C.A.D enabling us to offer the production of customised We have implemented the use of production control software called Vertex within our factory. This software allows us to monitor all Work In Progress. It also enables stringent Quality standards to be maintained, as each bundle of work is bar-coded, and data is stored on the operator at each stage in the production process. Consequently, we have traceability, so that all our operators take personal responsibility for their output.


All popper fasteners are 'Nickel Free'.

Metal Detection and Needle Policies are in operation within the factory, alongside a high level of understanding regarding the importance of safety, amongst our employees.